Running equipment

PB Running offers a great variety of running equipment for indoor and outdoor running. Our store is located in Victoria, Roche.

What does our session cover?

Whether you are an occasional runner or a professional athlete, we offer a range of running equipment to choose from. In addition to that, we also help you with expert tips and tricks if you want to start running. We have running professionals who can perform a deep 3D gait analysis to help you choose running shoes and accessories suitable to your body type and running style. You can pick up a great pair of running shoes and added accessories from our store to help you accomplish your running goals. For more information give us a call today to arrange a 60 minutes session.

Our sports consultation includes

  • Expert guidance by professionals
  • Assistance in choosing appropriate shoes and accessories
  • Professional tips and advice

Benefits of running regularly

Running may help in boosting your metabolism and blood circulation. It’s also a great way to keep active and boost your energy.

Choose from a wide variety of branded running shoes at affordable prices